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Aspects of Flower Painting in Oils. Pamela Kay

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Pamela Kay is one of Britain’s foremost painters of flowers and still life. Working mainly in her studio, her work reflects her love of flowers and everyday objects, which she arranges in a very informal way.

In this film you can see how she paints primroses in a blue jug, roses from the garden and a still life that includes a silver dish of strawberries. Pamela also works in the celebrated  Sissinghurst Castle Gardens in Kent where she paints the rose arbour in the White Garden.

In the film, you can watch how each painting progresses, from the arrangement of the subject through to the finished work. Details of the working methods , colours used on the pallette and construction of the painting surfaces on the boards are explained.


Pamela Kay DVD

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Review of Aspects of Flower Painting in Oils by Theodora Philcox
First published in the Leisure Painter – February 2009

Pamela Kay is very well known to readers of Leisure Painter and has an enviable reputation as one of this country’s leading exponents of flower and still-life painting, so it was lovely to be able to see her at work in her new film, Aspects of Flower Painting in Oils. Here she tackles four varied flower subjects – from a small study, to a view of the White Garden at Sissinghurst Castle.

Pamela likes to paint flowers as they come into season, and sees the arrival of the primrose as the start of the painting year. The first painting features primroses in a blue and white vase, contrasted with a purple pansy in a clear glass of water. She sets these on small shelves, against a dark postcard for background. This has the effect of placing them within a theatre, dramatically throwing out the colours.

Before painting, Pamela shows how she lays her palette out, organising her colours for ease of use, and then how she deals with the terror of the white canvas, washing in the background colour, right across the space. She firmly believes that a lively underpainting is important for the success of the final image since this creates the foundation of the overall tone.

Pamela then quickly builds up the forms, all the while explaining how to look effectively and paint what you see. Useful tips are offered, such as turning the canvas upside down to check the symmetry of a vessel.
The second composition features old-fashioned multi-petalled roses arranged in a jam jar on a white cloth, with geraniums and daisies to add variety and interest. Pamela advises not to be overwhelmed with detail too soon, but to keep moving around the painting to ensure the overall balance is maintained.

The scale changes dramatically in the third image where she moves outside to paint the rose arbour in the White Garden at Sissinghurst Castle. Here she lifts the mass of greens with a complementary orange, working on a strong structural base.

Finally, Pamela creates a more varied flower painting, combining a bowl of strawberries with a red print mug and a mix of white flowers, positioned on a white cloth artfully placed on a wooden block. Pamela is enthusiastic and amusing, and an absolute delight to watch. It is fascinating to see her beautiful paintings gradually emerge from the colourful mesh of brushstrokes.

Books by Pamela Kay

The Art of Pamela Kay.

The Art of Pamela Kay.
published by David and Charles. 1993
ISBN 0 7153 0032 6

Pamela Kay is Britain’s most popular painter of still life. This first collection of her work features a generous range of her artistic output, including her outstanding still-life oils, delicate garden pictures, sketchbook drawings made on her travels, and interior scenes and portraits of her family.

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Pamela Kay, a Personal View.

Pamela Kay, a Personal View.
published by David and Charles 1995
ISBN 0 7153 0289 2

Pamela Kay is perhaps best known for her striking use of gouache, adapting it to anything from the sparkling density of a china bowl to the windswept delicacy of a garden flower. A water-based medium which bears much similarity to watercolour, gouache nevertheless contains the vigour and malleability prized in oil paint. In this personal view of gouache painting, Pamela reveals much about gouache’s particular qualities and benefits which will encourage all painters to explore this exciting medium to the full.

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Pamela Kay, a Personal View.

Pamela Kay, a Personal View.
published by David and Charles 2000
ISBN ISBN 0 71531119 0

This is the paperback version. See details in the hardback version.

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