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A unique opportunity to buy high quality, limited edition and open prints of Pamela Kay’s paintings.

Pamela Kay is one of Britain’s foremost painters of flowers and still life. Inspired by Dutch, French and Spanish Masters of the 17th and 18th Centuries, Pamela Kay’s paintings reflect her interest in the beauty of humble everyday objects and their unassuming nature. Her work encompasses not only flowers and still life but also interiors and gardens.

Pamela Kay was a student at the Royal College of Art and Canterbury College of Art. Her work has been shown at the Royal Academy of Art for many years and she exhibits regularly with the New English Art Club in London. Her work is in Royal and International Collections.

It is now possible to buy from Pamela Kay Prints, a finely crafted reproduction of her paintings. Available in both Limited Editions and Open Editions, these prints have been produced by a Fine Art Guild Printer. They have been selected from both oils and watercolours.


‘Aspects of Flower painting in Oils’. An APV Film of Pamela Kay at work. Click here for details of the film in DVD  format, and how to buy.

Watch the Trailer – APV Films ‘Aspects of Flower Painting in Oils. Pamela Kay’

£29.95 Price includes Worldwide shipping

Pamela Key DVD

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Lots of news and information about some of Pamela’s paintings together with the ‘whys and hows’! Click here to visit the Pamela Kay Blog

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